About Us

Inspiring leaders to achieve strategies for success

We cover a range of non-financial services including:

  • business linkages
  • market access services
  • marketing
  • advisory services
  • policy and advocacy support

We understand your needs. We have extensive utility backgrounds and know the importance of focusing on reliability and costs. ALLENVISION delivers a range of services to help you drive efficiencies  to deal with your aging infrastructure and changing workforce.

Our analytics and expertise will help you:

  • make lasting operational changes
  • meet your objectives
  • satisfy the requirements of your licence

There is elegance in our simplicity

We focus on customers, markets, and relationships. Business development is all about figuring out how these interactions combine together to create opportunities for growth.

Long-term value is about creating opportunities to keep the floodgates open so that value can flow indefinitely. Thinking about business development as creating long-term value is the only true way to succeed in consistently growing.

Trust, respect and a mutual appreciation of each other’s value is fundamental to enabling the flow of value for the long-term. This requires building, managing and leveraging relationships. Relationships with partners, customers and the workforce are all critical to the success of any business development effort.